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Of all places to be named best adventure travel destination, Algeria really isn't the first country that comes to anyone's mind. Yet, the British Backpacker Society (BBS), an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable adventure travel, seems to have their eyes set on the biggest country in North Africa. Each year, they release a list of top destinations with the most to offer in terms of adventure. It was Pakistan in 2018, then Ethiopia in 2019, and for 2020 they chose to focus on the whole decade with Algeria on top of the list. According to BBS, Algeria is a country full of surprising twists and vertical drops – perfect for an adrenaline rush and an adventurous trip.

The North African country is usually overlooked by world travelers, which gives it an edge in the days of overtourism. It’s got a range of adventure attractions without having to queue up or have a crowd of tourists ruining your view. World-class desert scenery, hospitable people, ancient ruins, and the gift of the strategic geographical location – a few of the things that Algeria has to offer. Beyond the adventure, Algeria has a lot to offer as an exciting destination with a rich mix of Roman, Ottoman, Arab, and Byzantine history that have all left their marks on the Mediterranean coastline country. Adam Sloper, the co-founder of BBS, said that his favorite thing about Algeria is the city of Constantine. “With a deep gorge cutting straight through its city centre, historic Constantine has one of the most dramatic cityscapes on earth, and is likely to be an extremely popular destination for foreign travelers in the years to come."

Algeria was not the only MENA region country on the list! Saudi Arabia made an appearance coming off second right after Algeria as one of the top 10 highest potential adventure travel destinations. We're not surprised, they're opening up and they've got a lot of adventures to offer.

Source: Middle East Eye.