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If your parents ever took you camping as a child, then you've probably had one of the most epic childhoods out of most of your friends. While the bulk of our generation grew up with summertime chalet getaways and have now become either the Sahel-goers or behind-the-screens zombies, there are those for whom adventure has been in their blood – passed down through generations. So for those 

Ever tried to sleep under a blanket of stars, with only the moonlight lighting all around you? If the answer’s yes, then you probably have a pretty good idea what camping is all about, and how much of an overwhelmingly engrossing experience it can get. What’s really cool about camping is it doesn’t really have to be a once every couple of years experience, and you don’t really have to go to a forest in the United States to go camping. There are plenty of awesome places in Egypt where you could just pick up your tent and head out there to camp your worries away.

SIWA OASISvia Pinterest

Siwa is one of the most gorgeous oases in Egypt, if not the most. It’s where you’ll find all sorts of tourism, from medical tourism and camping to just laying back and doing nothing. There's plenty to do in Siwa, but we’re talking just camping for now. You’ll be looking for camps in the desert, which you can reach through safari providers or local tour guides. You rent a 4x4 car and then head to the desert for the experience of a lifetime. Make sure to get some abu mardam and Bedouin tea while you're there for the full experience.


Roughly 9 hours from Cairo, the Dakhla and Kharga Oases are just something else. You’ll experience serenity and peacefulness the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else. It doesn’t hurt either that these oases aren’t really tourist hotspots you hear about in the media every day, so it’ll most likely just be you and the sand. You’ll also head out using 4x4 vehicles and enjoy the tranquility of the desert safari.

FARAFRA OASISvia Bengali Nomad 

Farafra is a bit closer to Cairo – 5 hours away – and is where you get to safari and camp in two of Egypt’s most mesmerizing destinations: the White Desert and the Djara Cave, which you’ll reach using 4x4s as well.

BAHARIYA OASISvia Identity Magazine

Everything’s just beautiful about the Bahariya Oasis – the night sky, the people, and the relaxing ambience. If you do end up there, you’ll most likely camp in the Black Desert, which used to be volcanically active. Camping there is a once in a lifetime experience.

ABU GALOUMvia Jana Nabil

Abu Galoum is a natural reserve between Dahab and Nuweiba. There, you can camp not 10 paces away from the sea, with a view of the mountains, skies, and sea that you’ll remember for as long as you live.

RAS SHAITANvia Identity Magazine 

Ras Shaitan is an area over the coast of Nuweiba, and it's just lined with camps both directly on the beach and higher up toward the mountains. You can rent a beach hut there, or even pitch your own tent.


Kolaan is truly one of Egypt's hidden gems; not many know that you can easily pick up a tent and go camp there. It’s probably the most gorgeous part of the Red Sea coastline, and some even refer to it as Egypt’s Maldives.

RAS MUHAMMAD NATIONAL PARKvia Liquid Adventures Dahab

A popular diving attraction and a national park/reserve, Ras Muhammad is also open for camping. You get to stay in an area completely surrounded by the sea. Try topping that.

WADI EL HITANvia Serban Valentina

Going back to desert camping, Wadi El Hitan is in the Fayoum desert and is a perfect spot for sand boarding and stargazing. 

WADI DEGLAvia Visit Eiffel

Most people have no idea that you can camp inside this gem that's hidden inside Cairo. Half an hour's drive for an excellent camping trip in the desert is not so bad, really, especially considering the quietness and beauty of the place.


Another beautiful natural reserve, Wadi El Rayan is a cool place to camp and you’ll get to see some very impressive scenery, like those waterfalls.

Now that you know where to go, get your camping checklists and go on an adventure!