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Who said you need your eyesight to enjoy nature? Truth is, the beauty and serenity of nature can be enjoyed by all, not just those gifted with sight. It's just a matter of perspective. With this in mind, Geo Travel and Rahalah Organization for Sustainable Development (ROSD) decided to organize a hiking adventure for 40 females from one of Cairo's special care homes for the visually impaired. 

The trip, which will be held on Friday, April 5, aims to take these 40 females of varying ages on an adventure otherwise deemed impossible – they'll be hiking 5 km through Wadei Degla Protectorate to give them a different perspective on the Egypt they already know. In what may be the first desert experience for some of them, they'll be exploring the protectorate guided by explorer Riham Abu Bakr, founder of Geo Travel, who will also give a brief explanation about the land and its topography.

Where do you come in? They're looking for a volunteer to accompany each of the hikers along this journey, making sure everything goes smoothly and enhancing the overall experience. Sign up via the event page to help these ladies experience nature through a whole new lens.