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No, you will not be needing a flamethrower to start a fire. Now that we've gotten this out of the way, let's dive into some prep work.

Pro tip: do not go camping without preparing very well in advance. You need to know the conditions you'll be camping in so you can prepare accordingly, and also so you don't end up unnecessarily overpacking and bringing along the kitchen sink. With the help of camping experts Muricata Adventures yet again, we've got nine comprehensive checklists of everything you might possibly need for your camping adventures. 

This is one of the most pivotal checklists to abide by when you're going camping. Mother Nature's a beaut, but shit happens and you can't afford to not be prepared for it when it does. Make sure your first aid kit is packed with all the contents listed above, because for some reason that one thing you forget to pack is the one thing you end up needing. 

A daypack will be your saving grace while out exploring, and in it you can pack all your other personal necessities and snacks you may need along the way. Don't forget cash, ID, and any personal documents you may need – being in serene seclusion unfortunately doesn't mean we get to exist in an alternate reality where these things are obsolete and we're free to live the entirety of our lives roaming the fields and climbing the mountains. Wouldn't that be great, though?


No, not a flame-lit torch of Olympic proportions – you will NOT want to be carrying one of those when you're in search of place to answer nature's call at 3 AM. If you're not sure what to do with the cord you brought along, it's ideal for hanging up between one tree and the next and using as a clothesline. Also, don't do anything stupid with the axe – it's for chopping down firewood if you're in a terrain that permits it.

Pro tip: choose a tent that's a size bigger than the number of people who'll be sharing it. You'll thank us when you find space for your belongings (and your awkward sleeping positions) in your tent. But while you're at it, don't forget to grab pegs – and extra pegs – so your tent doesn't decide to take off on a windy day. 


Here's a quick tip when prepping your camping kitchen needs: ditch the plastic. Plastic plates, cups, and cutlery are an easy way to make a mess of an otherwise natural wonderland that's playing host to you and your friends. 


Unlike cooking to feed yourself when you're home alone, cooking together while you're camping is actually a pretty enjoyable experience. It's also a little tricky, so make sure you have the right gear – and the right food.

Weather conditions are the one thing you have slim to no control over when you're camping, so packing according to terrain and weather is important, as is trying to anticipate any fast ones Mother Nature may try to pull on you. Also, don't be the girl who ends up climbing a mountain in flip flops because she forgot to pack socks and proper shoes suited for the terrain. It's not a good look – it's also not safe, but that's a given.


Depending on where you're camping, getting the right attire can be a bit tricky – you don't want to be cold in the winter, but you also don't want to overheat in the desert. Dri-fit anything will make your experience a lot more comfortable, but make sure to go through your packing list thoroughly so you're well prepared to take on any weather conditions. 

Notice how the bulk of our list is tech-free? You've run away from the perils of city life and technological overload into the serenity of the great outdoors – don't ruin it with a screen. While being out in nature is a source of entertainment all its own, whether you're staring up at the stars or taking on a mountain, there are a few things you can pack to up your camping entertainment game.