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There are plenty of conventional ways to explore Egypt – the hotels, the pyramids, the Nile cruises, and all that jazz. That's great, but we're of the opinion that conventionality belongs to yesterday. So, what other ways are there? Hiking Egypt's internationally-renowned trails and getting to know the Bedouin and their culture. Cycling Egypt from coast to coast. Cycling around Egypt, then running its length, then swimming its length in the Red Sea. A series of endurance cross-country motorcycles and scooter rallies conducted through the toughest tracks and roads of Egypt. Your call.

If the latter's what tickled your fancy, then you better pay close attention. Since 2011, the Cross Egypt Challenge has been taking adventurers across Egypt on two wheels; it started with 1,700 km from corner to corner and coast to coast, and every season gets more challenging and more unique as explorers take on the sides of Egypt they wouldn't see on a traditional tour. This season, the Cross Egypt Challenge is running between October 17 to the 26th and will take on 2,650 km over eight stages, with one rest day planned in the enchantingly historic southern Egyptian city of Luxor.

What's the rundown?

Alexandria to Cairo (210 km); Cairo to Minya (305 km); Minya to Kharga Oasis (380 km); Kharga Oasis to Luxor (350 km); rest day in Luxor; Luxor to Bernice (475 km); Bernice to Hurghada or El Gouna (430 km); Hurghada or El Gouna to El Sokhna (250 km); El Sokhna to Cairo (250 km). Along the way you'll be experiencing the Cairene capital, heading down the Nile Valley and through the heart of the Egyptian Western Desert before exploring Luxor – the capital of ancient Egypt and the world's largest open-air museum. Rest up, because then comes the Egyptian Eastern desert – "one of the most challenging deserts on the face of the planet due to its rock formation and high mountain range" – followed by a dip down south to Bernice, the closest location to Shalateen where riders will spend their night on the shore of the Red Sea. Then, back north you go along the Red Sea Riviera to wrap up the challenge under the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Places are limited so make sure to check out the Cross Egypt Challenge Facebook event for registration details.