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It's easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of people going away on trips across the world, with travel groups flooding social media with lavish journeys and sublime hotels. But sometimes people need to get down to the basics and strip all the joys of travel into one thing: you versus nature. This fall, the NS Crossing is challenging you to get on your bike and do just that – cycle any part of their 1,000 KM expedition from Cairo to Shalatin.

The NS Crossing, the brainchild of Egyptian adventurer Galal Zekry-Chatila and which stands for North–South, creates long distance cycling expeditions across the globe, and they do it from the North to the South of anywhere. Even if you can't take on a full expedition, you can always join for any of the three stages as part of the ride. 

Stage 1 sees the adventurers cycle 450 KM from Cairo to El Gouna from November 22 to November 25.

Stage 2 is 300 KM from El Gouna to Marsa Alam from November 26 to November 29.

Stage 3, the final leg of the expedition, will have cyclists taking on 275 KM from Marsa Alam to Shalatin from November 30 to December 3.

Beyond cycling up to a hundred kilometres a day, there's plenty to discover and experience along the way. Voyagers will get to enjoy the gorgeous sights along the way – like Ras Ghareb Old Town & Lighthouse, swim in the most beautiful beaches of el Gouna, camp in gorgeous campsites with nothing around them but nature, and develop unbreakable bonds and countless memories with the motley crew of voyagers taking on the adventure.

Calves burning and wanderlust biting? The NS Crossing can help with that.