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Apparently Egyptian adventurers are pretty keen on setting or breaking world records – whether it's for hiking, for swimming, or for being on a motorcycle for a distance of 25,000 km. The latter is Ali Abdo, who's aiming to set his third Guinness World Record with the longest ride on an electric motorcycle around Egypt for a distance of 25,000 km. Abdo's taking his motorcycle across Egypt, covering 25,000 km, 75 cities, and 150 attractions, and creating the Digital Encyclopedia of Egypt along the way. Plus, he's doing it for a cause. Backed by The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Egyptian Ministries of Youth and Sports, Environment, and Military Production, Abdo's main goal is to raise awareness about the environmental issues and reducing air pollution by replacing vehicles that consume fuel with electric vehicles in all of Egypt and the Middle East.
A married man with two kids and a 9-to-5 job as an engineer living in Alexandria, Abdo was tempted to find a hobby and something to fill his free time. He first got on a motorcycle in 2013, and his interest in riding a motorcycle was ignited in the hopes of exploring an alternate world – launching his initiative, Around Egypt on a Motorcycle. Two years later, he managed to visit all of Egypt on his motorcycle alone in just six days. In 2016, Ali Abdo officially received the title as the first Arab to achieve a world record on a motorcycle as the longest distance covered on a motorcycle in 7 days.

Think he stopped there?

Only a year later, in 2017, he actually managed to break his own world record with an even longer distance on a motocross bike in 24 hours, all in the name of promoting adventures and motorsports. And now it’s 2019 and he’s working toward his third world record, promoting the usage of electric vehicles in the Middle East and reducing the excessive fuel consumption that causes many environmental problems. On his previous adventures, he used to sleep in random places – a small hotel or even an ambulance station – but this time it’s different. This time he’s going big and setting off accompanied by a whole team of photographers and a technical support team. Getting on a motorcycle led Abdo to explore a whole other world – one way different than what he lived in. His love for exploring and traveling only started when he began seeing more of Egypt; only then did he take it upon himself to actually see every single place in Egypt, because a man on a motorcycle is unstoppable. But, according to Abdo, there's one golden rule: Never take the same road twice.

For his next adventure, Abdo's taking off by the end of October for 100 days, covering 75 cities in Egypt and confronting some topics head-on: the environment and the human impact on it, and how climate change is affecting our lives. The way he sees it is that if Egyptians realized the value of the country they’re living in, they’ll definitely know how to deal with it better.