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To climb a mountain is to conquer your innermost fears and overcome obstacles you never knew you could. It takes sheer will, determination, and a good deal of physical prowess to climb a mountain peak a couple of thousand meters high, and this April, the world's highest peak is witnessing the greatest ever number of Arabs of different nationalities attempting the climb.

At almost 9,000 meters, Everest is earth's highest mountain, and the Arabs are coming to conquer the Himalayan giant. The group attempting to conquer the mountain include Sherief Elabd, who is attempting to become the second Egyptian to reach the summit after mountaineer and adventurer Omar Samra; Sherief will be accompanied by his Saudi-based climbing partner Lebanese national Nelly Attar, who is a renowned trainer and fitness instructor and founder of a women's dance and fitness studio in Riyadh.

Then there are three other Lebanese attempting the climb; Dubai-based climber and entrepreneur Fatima (Tima) Deryan is an adventurous soul who has long prepared for the gruelling expedition that is Everest, climber and adventurer Avedis Kalpaklian, and Joyce Azzam who has recently conquered her sixth of the world's seven summits by climbing Mount Vinson, with only Everest remaining for her to complete the set. Another strong woman going for the climb is Saudi Mona Shahab, who has long been an inspiration for female mountaineers and explorers in the region.

There are also Jordanians Dolores Al Shelleh, the first Arab woman to climb Mount Manaslu in Nepal, and Iman Al-Majali, a certified fitness trainer and mountaineer.

They will be attempting the climb during April, and for the duration of two months, they will have the mountain as well as their inner most fears to conquer, and we have our fingers crossed they can all make it. Stay tuned for more updates on their expeditions as they come!