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Sometimes it’s a nice day to read the news. Last Friday, Mohamed Hussein aged 14, became the first special needs child to climb Mount Moses in South Sinai. The climb was facilitated under the auspices of Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, as part of a strategy undergone by the Environment Ministry to support the environment through the promotion of outdoor tourism and comes as an invitation to the whole world to visit Sinai and enjoy its one of a kind nature.

Fouad expressed the important part that the special needs community can play in Egypt’s environmental efforts and the importance of integrating them in such work as they are and need to be active members of Egypt’s community.

Before the climb took place, Fouad met with Mazen Hamza, the first disabled Egyptian mountain climber, herself in order to discuss all the security procedures needed to guarantee the safety of Hussein.

The climb lasted four hours, where 200 kids joined the climb and watched the sunrise and then climbed back down in three hours. The Ministry of Environment announced that it has a lot of plans lined up for such integrated events in the future.


Source: Masrawy