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Dissatisfied by his already impressive résumé of cross-country adventures both on foot and on wheels, now it is the beckoning allure of our shimmering blues – paradoxically named the ‘Red Sea’ – that excite his adventuring curiosities. Graduating from his land excursions to the aquatic realm, Egyptian adventurer Omar El Galla is embarking on yet another wild trek to complete the final leg of his self-appointed triathlon, dubbed the ‘Egypt Extreme Triathlon’.

Set to start on September 1st, Galla will embark on a 900 km swimming expedition, starting in Suez and continuing through Sokhna, Zaafarana, Ras Gharib, El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, El Quseir, Marsa Alam, and Hamata before concluding in Shalateen in what he expects to be 90 days. This expedition bears greater value than putting the more physically challenged of us to shame, or even bragging rights as the first man to swim the length of Egypt (though setting a Guinness World Record wouldn’t hurt!). Galla is equally motivated by the humanitarian goal of collecting and ridding our beloved Red Sea of plastic along his swimming route in partnership with sustainability initiative ‘if’.

‘If’ – as in, “What if we had cleaner waters?” not “ifff ba2a leih mish 3arfeen ne7afez 3al bee2a” (ugh, why can’t we take care of the environment) – was founded by Egyptian adventurers Omar Samra and Ahmed Gabr. The pair are a pioneering force, trying to offer viable solutions to our ocean’s greatest ailment: plastic. Needless to say, ‘if’ and Galla are a match made in the Red Sea.

As we all eagerly await the latest of Galla’s jaw-dropping, wanderlust invoking adventures, let’s look back on his past, equally courageous excursions.

Galla’s first adventure that frankly left us all #shook (as the youth would say) was a cross-country cycling adventure. In the impressive time span of 65 days, and equally impressive budget of 50 EGP a day, Galla cycled 6,500 km around Egypt. As if his feat of cycling across Egypt wasn’t enough, Galla had to go on and defy expectations yet again by running the length of Egypt from Abu Simbel to Alexandria – all this made all the more impressive due to the fact that Galla embarked on this trek mere months following his physically taxing cycling expedition.

Now we’re left excitedly anticipating the newest Galla expedition and all the accompanying stories – and Instastories – of what he saw under da sea. And if you’ll be frequenting the Red Sea sometime between September and December and see something swimming toward you, fear not, for it may very well be Omar El Galla! Or, you know, a shark… *cue Jaws theme*