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Just a few months ago, a new contender emerged on Egypt's adventure scene. Hellbent on bringing adventure in the Middle East to another level, Ultra Egypt came on the scene with the announcement of Hathor 100: Egypt's first multi-stage ultra-marathon. Kicking off on the 19th of December and through the 21st, it’s 100 km, two days, and 50 runners making their way through the untouched landscapes of Sinai – a major milestone for the Egyptian adventure community. Now, registration is open and spaces are limited.

The course was designed for both the first time trail runner as well as professional runners, so you can take on Egypt's first ultra-marathon if you've either run one full marathon (42 km) and a half distance trail run (21 km) or done half an Ironman or one full ultra race. Hathor 100 takes runners 15 km deep into the Sinai Peninsula, to the seldom-visited Serabit Al Khadim, a location of untouched nature, wildlife, thousands of years of history, and legendary trails. 

For those concerned about security, Serabit Al Khadim is hundreds of kilometers away from North Sinai, with a natural barricade of mountainous terrains. Ultra Egypt developed the trail of Hathor 100 in partnership with the resident tribes who have called Serabit Al Khadim home for generations, benefiting from their unmatched knowledge of the land.

To partake is to make history – to be part of the first ever ultra marathon in Egypt, though definitely not the last.

Don't miss Ultra Egypt's Hathor 100 info pack, and make sure to follow them on Instagram @UltraEgypt

Heads up: registration is open and those 50 spots are bound to fill up fast.