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Some people were meant to climb mountains, cycle around the globe, or run crazy distances. And while the smartasses are sat on their couches, tossing around the standard "mabrook, enta 3amalt 7aga malhash 2ay talata lazma" (congrats, you did something absolutely useless), others are hellbent on bringing adventure in the Middle East to another level. Next up: Egypt's first ultramarathon.

Aptly named Ultra Egypt, this Wild Guanabana brainchild goes well beyond your average marathon. While marathons usually cover a distance of 42 km, Egypt's first ultra run is going to be almost double the distance. 

Their first run – dubbed Hathor 100, as the trail runs by a temple with the same name – will cover a distance of 100 km over the span of two days, and will see 50 athletes race across Sinai’s Serabit Al Khadim, located about three hours away from Cairo. Ultra Egypt aims to shed light on the Peninsula's gorgeous scenery, highlighting the fact that it's the perfect spot for adventure sports.

Ultramarathons aren't exactly new; with popular ones like Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) covering 168 km around the Mont Blanc Massif, the six-day 251-kilometer Marathon Des Sables in beautiful Morocco, and Ultra X Sri Lanka that takes place in Colombo, they've been around for quite a while and some even have as many as 20,000 participants. Yet, it's never been done in our neck of the woods. This is why Ultra Egypt is trying to introduce that kind of extreme racing into the country, and they're banking on creating a small community of ultra running enthusiasts and adventure aficionados.

Hathor 100 is scheduled to happen in December, but registration starts next month.

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