Hiking Trip in Sinai with Sinai Trail


Sinai Trail


South Sinai





Trip Duration:

14 Days


14,400 EGP

contact information:

The Sinai Trail began as a 220km route, involving three Bedouin tribes in 2015. Just three years later, it has grown to a 550km, on which the 8 tribes of South Sinai will work together. You'll walk the most beautiful deserts of the Middle East - crossing sweeping plains and climbing high summits - and you'll pass through a tapestry of tribal territories, walking with tribesmen of many tribe along the way. You'll travel the way the Bedouin have always travelled, walking with camels, sleeping under the stars. This trip will be unlike any other: whoever you are, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
PART 3 – ST. KATHERINE – SERABIT EL KHADEM, 150 Km, 14 DAYS – 7.11 / 20.11


  • The cost of the trip is 25.800EGP
  • For Egyptian citizen or non-Egyptian in Egypt with official residency/work permit the price is 14.400EGP.



  • Minibus and Jeep from Cairo to Ein Kid on Tuesday 22nd October, minibus from St. Katherine to Cairo on Tuesday 5th November. The minibus will depart Cairo at 10pm from Qasr al Baron on Tuesday 22nd October and it will depart from St. Katherine on Tuesday 5th November in the morning after breakfast and will arrive at Qasr al Baron in the late afternoon. 
  • 12 days of hiking including guides, camels, permission fees. 
  • 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner and water
  • 1 Night accommodation in twin rooms in Fox Camp on Monday 4th November, an evening meal and breakfast the following morning including tea.
  • Accommodation after the trip in twin rooms in Barakat Camp on Wednesday 20th November plus an evening meal. Breakfast the following morning including tea.



  • Personal snacks
  • Transport to Sinai from outside Cairo




Payment Policy:


  • To secure your place a deposit of 5000EGP must be paid within 10 days after your place has been confirmed by the Sinai Trail Team. After that we will not be able to keep your place and it will be offered to other hikers. The rest of the payment will be done in Sinai before the beginning of the trip.


Check out Sinai Trail on Facebook for a detailed trip itinerary.

Hiking Trip in Sinai with Sinai Trail
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