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Trip Duration:

2 Days



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Sarabit al-Khadem is located in the south-west of the Sinai Peninsula, near the city of Abu Zneima, and Abu Zneima area is about 80 kilometers from Ras Sidr. Archaeological excavations by Sir Flinders Petrie showed the ancient mining camps as well as the Temple of Hathor, an ancient Egyptian temple used by the ancient Egyptians. Numerous statues bearing the names of King Senefru of the Fourth Dynasty were found in this area. King Montohotep III, King Montohotep IV of the kings of the eleventh family The most famous monuments in this area are the temple of Hathor and the other Sinaitic inscriptions discovered in 1905 and later known as Sinaitic inscriptions, the origin of the alphabets.


Inclusions : 

  • Transportation from Cairo & back by A/C bus
  • Transportation from Serabit El Khadim to the observation site by Pick-up cars.
  •  Lunch, dinner (for Day 1) and breakfast (for Day 2)
  •  Bedouin Camp
  •  Bedouin Guide.
  •  Water, during the trip and hike.
  • Transportation into Wadi Al seeh by toyota pickup cars(Our Camping Site).


Payment Policy: 

  • Vodafone Cash,
  • At our office



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Jewels of Sinai
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