Culture & Walking Trip - Women Only


Sinai Trail


South Sinai





Trip Duration:

2 Days


2800 EGP

contact information:

Join us for a special hike and cultural experience with the ladies of the Hamada tribe.
This is a special trip just for the ladies! The aim of this fantastic new trip is to bring a group of women to visit the ladies and families of the Hamada tribe. We want to support the Bedouin women in having a stronger presence on the Sinai Trail. We will take you to the village of the Hamada tribe, inland from Serabit el Khadem, where we will stay with local families and live like Bedouin for 3 days. The Hamada ladies will take us on interesting walks each day and we will return to their homes at night. They will tell us stories, teach us about the area, the plants and daily life. In the evening you can watch/help them make their traditional bread, tend to the goats and enjoy true Bedouin hospitality 



  •  Bowl of soup and bread in the night after arrival
  •  1 night accommodation in Barakat Camp in the village of Serabit el Khadem. Barakat camp is a Bedouin camp with share bathroom and you will all sleep in a large shared tent, or if you like, outside under the stars
  •  2 nights accommodation is private Bedouin homes
  •  Breakfast, lunch & dinner on the first and second day
  •  Breakfast & lunch on the third day,
  •  3 days of hiking with guides, camels where necessary, support crew on-trail, permission fees
  •  Minibuses from/to Cairo, starting/ ending at Qasr el Baron, Heliopolis.


Exclusions :

  • A deposit of 1000EGP is required within 7 days after your place has been confirmed by the Sinai Trail Team.After that we will not be able to keep your place and it will be offered to other hikers.
  • The final payment will be made in the Sinai before the hike.

Payment Policy:

  • Please be aware that we can NOT refund your money once received: if you cancel after payment the only way you will be able to get your money back is by finding a replacement hiker to take your place (who must be accepted/ passed by the Sinai Trail).


Check out Sinai Trail on Facebook for a detailed trip itinerary.





Culture & Walking Trip - Women Only
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