Live Tribal II - Season 2 (Um Shomar mountain)


Wild Guanabana


South Sinai





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5 Days



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What started off as a 250km Sinai Trail, has emerged into a grand 550km hike through one of the voted best new hiking trails in the world. The new and extended trail would take around 43 days to complete, but to ease it up for your work commitments and to reduce the intensity of the full length expedition, we are bringing you the 300 km of the new trail divided into three 5-day trips each led by a different tribe where you can Live Tribal while you help to sustain traditional Bedouin knowledge, skills and livelihoods. This trek is the second part of the trail and will be led by the Awlad Said Tribe, one of the most marginalized regions in the peninsula. By going on this trip, you'll be contributing to the development of the tribe through job creation and exposure.  




Check out Wild Guanabana on Facebook for a detailed trip itinerary. 

Live Tribal II - Season 2 (Um Shomar mountain)
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