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6 Days


549 EUR

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If you're willing to rehab, retreat, detox, and raise your self-awareness? Join our expedition and we promise that we will be your good company, and will set up the environment for you to do all of this.For one week we are going to experience the wilderness and the desert as a deep and enlightening moment to reflect on our life. And go back to the childhood, be spontaneous, simple, be vulnerable and share unconditional happiness and fun, and revive the connection between your body and mind by doing mind-body work in the desert.



  •  A well trained expedition leader.
  •  Bedouin guides, experts in the wildlife and deep knowledge about desert, 
  • extra guides for any emergencies.
  •  Bedouin cooks
  •  Camels to carry our luggage.
  •  Cameleers to gather our luggage and set up the everyday camping spot.
  •  Healthy, organic, and locally made food suitable for hiking -
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner slowly cooked on the bonfire - (the bedouin way).
  •  Natural herbs, honey and olive oils for detox.
  •  Three to four bottles of water per day.
  •  Well trained bedouin driver and a car connected with the GPS to reach us for any emergencies.
  •  An online group support to share daily insights and discussions.
  •  Transfer from and to Sharm El Sheikh air port.
  •  Recommendations for anything you need in Dahab (restaurants - activities - hotels). 




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Back to the wilderness 5
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