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We are living in weird times, you guys. And while it might seem like life as we know it is falling apart out there, we’re here to try and help you keep your sanity. Just remember that we’re all in this together. If you're practicing social distancing (as you should be and we thank you for it!) we’ve compiled a list of the wanderlustiest movies out there for you to pass the time and help to make you feel better. And no, the film Contagion is not included, after all we are sort of living it. 


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Don’t even start. Yes sure this movie has been beaten to death, but there is a reason that it's on every travel movie listicle out there and that's because it has it all and bonus, it has Julia Roberts. In less than two hours you will have explored the food of Italy, found peace in India and serenity in Indonesia. As cheesy as this movie is, it’s the perfect escape.


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Barcelona never looked so inviting. As we wander through its streets and gaze upon its unique architecture through the eyes of the film's protagonists, you can’t help but understand why the city itself is like an extra character in the movie, after all Woody Allen is the master of that. And if Scarlett Johansson wasn’t enough the film also features Xavier Bardem and Penelope Cruz (who won an Oscar for this role) with their off the charts chemistry and we need a little bit of that excitement right now. 


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Not only does this movie have the scene that has become synonymous with how to do self-quarantine the right way, when Cameron Diaz’s character blasts Mr. Brightside by The Killers after stocking up on candy and wine, but this movie just inspires you step out of your comfort zone. When two strangers decide to swap two beautiful houses (we all know Nancy Meyers loves to showcase prime real estate in her movies) in rainy Surrey and sunny LA, but every destination no matter how basic has adventure to offer. 

WILD (2014)

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While the goal is to keep this list as upbeat as possible, this list wouldn’t be complete without this entry. This film depicting the journey of clarity and self acceptance is deeply moving in the way that portrays Cheryl Strayed’s, played by Reese Witherspoon, long and heart wrenching journey with grief. And while physically it's a 1100km journey through the diverse landscape of the Pacific Crest Trail, at the heart of it, it's about how such a trip can help to put life into perspective sometimes and a reminder about why we love to seek adventure.


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If there was ever a need to feast our eyes on Wes Anderson’s perfectly symmetrical shots, it’s now. This tale of three brothers, who in an attempt to bond again after the passing of their father, travel through India by train and embark on a spiritual and of course extremely quirky journey together. Enjoy the juxtaposition of the claustrophobic albeit aesthetically pleasing train shots with the beautiful barren and desert landscapes of Rajasthan.

THE BEFORE TRILOGY (1995, 2004, 2013)

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The Before Trilogy films are the most romantic movies of all time. Showcasing Richard Linklater’s masterful way of exploring how the passage of time changes us, the trilogy is not only about two people who connect and then reconnect; it's also about what happens to us as we grow older and the different spaces we find ourselves in. It takes us through Celine and Jesse’s full journey by showing us glimpses of their connection through time and space, when they first met on a train in Vienna, to their reconnection in Paris and finally (spoiler) on vacation with their kids in Greece.


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Two seemingly completely different people form an unlikely bond in a foreign country that has so much to offer. There’s no way you’ve seen this movie without instantly planning your next trip to Tokyo. This ultimate exploration of melancholy through connection in an unknown space showcases Tokyo like no other. Plus who doesn’t love to relive that infamous final scene over and over again?

IN BRUGES (2008)

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This cult classic is about an assassin laying low after messing up an order in one of the most scenic cities in Europe, although for him it’s more like hell on earth. There’s a reason Bruges is on the list of the most visited screen tourism destinations, director Martin McDonagh captures the beauty of this Belgian city despite the tense and hilariously dark plot. 

THE FALL (2006)

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The Fall is one of the most visually stunning films out you'll ever see. It tells the story of an injured stuntman in a LA hospital in the 1920s, who tells a fantastical story about five heroes to a little girl, who's a fellow patient. And as the story advances, the the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Filmed in 18 countries and locations around the world like South Africa, Prague, and Jaipur, director Tarsem Singh did a beautiful job of making our beautiful planet seem otherworldly.


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As we hope that this whole situation ebbs before the start of summer, these two summer hits are the ultimate way to get you ready for it. Sail away to the fictional island of Kalokairi, which literally means summer Greek, the first one is filmed on the very real island of Skopelos in Greece and the second one (which has Cher, people!) is filmed on the island of Vis in Croatia. There is no better feel good movie and you can sing along to your heart's content.


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This coming of age love story which takes places in the Italian country side in the 1980s, will make you crave for a beautiful Italian summer, long for a dip in Lake Garda, and a bike ride through the beautiful countryside, its really such a sensory experience of the beautiful town of Bergamo in Italy. Plus, and lest you forget, this is the movie that barrelled Timothée Chalamet into our hearts, no one gives us heartbreak-face quite like him.


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A rom-com starring Meg Ryan, could it get any better than that? Yes it can. Ryan's character is a woman who is afraid of travel but ends up going on a trip to France in a desperate need to salvage her relationship with her fiance. But of course on her journey she meets a con man in the form of Kevin Kline, who joins her on her quest around France and of course shenanigans ensue.


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This movie is a voyeuristic experience into the lifestyles of the rich and the elite of Singapore through the eyes of an Asian American woman, played by Constance Wu, who travels there to meet her finance’s rich family. But what’s more is you get to see the beautiful country the film is based in all the while seeing all its most famous landmarks.


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This movie follows a day dreaming Life-magazine employee who finally embarks on an actual journey that’s even wilder than his wildest imaginations. It’s wanderlust in its truest sense as the titular Walter Mitty journeys from Manhattan to Greenland to Iceland and even to the Himalayas to find the one lost, cover-worthy photo slide from a renowned photojournalist.

2 DAYS IN PARIS (2007)

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Marion and Jack are a couple in a not so solid relationship, who take a trip to Europe and stop-over in Paris for two days to visit Marion’s family. While Jack tries to reconcile with their - let's call them cultural differences, Marion tries to show Jack her version of Paris, and takes him to such landmarks as the catacombs and the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Even though Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world it's interesting to see a movie depict a relationship almost fall apart there. Bonus: Check out the sequel 2 Days in New York, new city and new boyfriend but equally hilarious.


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Adam and Eve are two thousand-year old vampires, who’ve lived a long life and with a long life comes boredom and depression. Adam is going through the motions when they reconnect again, you see, she lives in Tangier, a city steeped in seedy history and he lives in Detroit. It’s a movie about love told through the eyes of two ancient beings set against the backdrop of two cities that you’re seeing in a completely different light, in the dead of night, and yet still they remain as alluring as ever.