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The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism announced that the anticipated opening of the city’s iconic Qasr Al Hosn is set to take place on December 7th. The cultural destination lies in the heart of Abu Dhabi and will consist of four parts: the historic Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the Cultural Foundation, the National Consultative Council building, and the House of Artisans.

Al Hosn is expected to be a year-round destination for both tourists interested in getting to know the real history and heritage of Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, and nationals who would like to better get to know their country's legacy -not to mention the occasional art lover who'd go to witness exceptional art galleries.

via Sigree Ibn Mamak

Qasr Al Hosn is considered to be Abu Dhabi's oldest and most significant heritage site, and its very first building; it consists of an inner fort, which dates back to around 1795, and the outer palace, which dates back to 1940. It used to house the city's ruling family, the seat of government, and much more.

Now, the fort has been transformed into a museum chronicling the city's rise from a fishing settlement into a modern-day metropolis - a feat that would definitely impress inbound travellers interested in the city's history. There will be tours held on the site ranging from archaeological and architectural to reenactments of daily life and rituals at the fort, plus activities for kids.

The Cultural Foundation is expected to host visual art galleries and exhibitions while also containing an outdoor amphitheatre, workshop facilities, a children's library, and a food court. The House of Artisans, however, will focus on the promotion and preservation of the UAE’s heritage, with a special interest in weaving, palm braiding, and embroidery.

Source: Gulf Business