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The UAE's known for its elaborate architecture, and the newly opened Presidential Palace (Qasr Al Watan) is definitely no exception. Brimming with art, culture, history, and details that could leave you wandering around wide-eyed for hours like you've just walked into the Wonka Chocolate Factory, Abu Dhabi's Presidential Palace just opened its doors to the public and is set to attract tourists and locals alike. Located inside the Presidential Palace Complex in Al Ras Al Akhdar, Qasr Al Watan offers "the world a first-of-its-kind insight into the Arab heritage and the governing principles that shaped the history of the United Arab Emirates and its vision to the future."Surrounded by gorgeous green gardens are the Palace's intricately decorated white domes that light up at night as part of a light and sound show that tells the story of the United Arab Emirates in three acts: the past, the present, and the future vision of the nation.Much to no one's surprise, Abu Dhabi's Presidential Palace is as much of a gem inside as it is on the outside. The Palace's interior design is beyond impressive – an ode to the country's heritage and legacy. Its walls and halls are predominantly white, yellow, and blue to represent the colours of the region. You'll also find lots of interesting nooks and crannies within the Palace itself, from the main hall to a room filled with presents gifted to the president of the UAE from all over the world.Seriously, get a load of the intricacy of the details! Beyond the architecture, the Palace library is a bookworm haven – it has over 50,000 books and resources!

It's expected that this palace will give visitors a better understanding of the UAE and its governing traditions, while upping the interactive entertainment level with things like nightly shows to celebrate the country's traditions, exhibitions held to celebrate Arabian customs, and even the chance to create traditional Arabic calligraphy on interactive screens. 

Qasr Al Watan was previously closed to visitors but is now open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM, with guided and private tours in both Arabic and English.

Photos courtesy of Qasr Al Watan
Source: CNN