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We've been waiting for the Grand Egyptian Museum for a long time, but apparently, it's not only us. With the long wait comes higher anticipation and expectations, and the whole world's eyes are on Egypt. This grand of a project is not something that's going unnoticed by the world. Anyone who's grown up to watch the wonders of the world on television has dreamed of visiting Egypt and going around all the pharaonic monuments scattered around the country -- the GEM is going to make that experience easier. The world's largest archaeological museum dedicated to one civilization is coming – as we're promised – later on this year. The billion-dollar project will be the home of thousands of artifacts from Egypt's treasures, including everything that was discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb.

We're promised 2020 is the year this project comes to life and receives the curious eyes of the world. Having already announced all ticket prices and some teasers about the opening ceremony, it looks like this is the year it's finally ready. For the second time, CNN lists the Grand Egyptian Museum on its list of the most anticipated buildings that are set to shape the world this year. According to CNN, the 5.2-million-square-foot museum is symbolic of the effort that Egypt's been putting into reviving the tourism sector post-revolution. The design of the building was first unveiled 15 years ago; right by the Grand Pyramids of Giza, it offers stunning panoramic views.

Source: CNN