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Back in the 19th century, Egypt's Asyut governorate was thriving. With its strategic location connecting Upper and Lower Egypt, the city was a port for ships sailing the Nile. It was mostly inhabited by large and influential families building palatial residences with gardens right on the banks of the Nile. Alexan Palace was one of those residences, and now it's part of this year's list of World Monument Fund heritage sites that are endangered and in need of preservation and protection.

Built in 1910 with a European style, the residence of the Alexan family stayed with them until 1995 when it was purchased by the state, standing until today as one of the few palaces from the golden age that have survived the years. The Alexan Palace is a perfect fit to be used as a museum in Asyut, but it has remained closed since 1995, wasting its potential to be a cultural centre. For now, the World Monuments Fund is seeking help to start the restoration process of the palace in hopes of turning it into a museum in Asyut.

The World Monuments Fund has been active since 1965 when a group of citizens from around the world came together with the common interest of preserving the world’s cultural heritage and started the foundation that has since published an annual list of heritage sites in urgent need of protection and preservation with the goal of raising awareness and calling for support for these sites. 

Source: World Monuments Fund