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To say Egypt is one of mankind's earliest and foremost cradles of civilizations would be an understatement, and just a stroll down one of its historic streets and temples would tell you as much. Moez Street is one of the oldest streets in the country, and it's hosting a celebration of African heritage and culture this Thursday in honour of World Heritage Day.

The Festival of African Heritage will include an exhibit of crafts expressing the culture and heritage of the participating countries, which include Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Comoros, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, and Palestine – the guest of honor. The host country, Egypt, is not just organizing the event; several applied arts faculties and artists from all over the country - from Nubia and Sinai to Port Said - will be participating in the event as well. A large group from the Basharia tribe from Halayeb and Shalateen are also joining in on the festivities.

The festival is organized by the Egyptian Textile Museum in Moez Street, in cooperation with the General Administration for Heritage Preservation in Cairo. Some of the participating countries will present heritage and artistic pieces of their own in the Beit El Shaaer Theater, next to the textile museum, too.

Source: Egypt Independent