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The Egyptian Museum celebrated its 117th year last Friday with a grand ceremony attended by the Minister of Antiquities, the Governor of Cairo, and a number of ministers and ambassadors. Two temporary exhibitions were inaugurated during the ceremony, the first of which is about education in ancient Egypt and it’s held at the temporary exhibition hall on the first floor. The second exhibition shows the recently discovered Luxor mummy caches that caught the world's attention a while back, and those can be found on the museum's second floor. 

During the ceremony, the Minister of Antiquities, Khaled Al-Anany, also discussed the museum's huge development project carried out by the Ministry in partnership with the European Union. The project will be implemented within the next three years, with a grant of 3.1 million euros.

The Egyptian Museum, originally built in 1901, has lived to hold the history of ancient Egypt between its walls for over a century, containing an extensive collection of Pharaonic antiquities and exhibiting the life of ancient Egyptians through the eras. The current building that we see today in Tahrir Square has been standing and receiving visitors since the year 1902, which is when all the antiquities were moved there. With the Grand Egyptian Museum opening up soon near the Pyramids in Giza, so much of the unique artifacts will be moved to be exhibited there -- including the collections of Tutankhamun and the mummies. But still, the Egyptian Museum will always stand and will get to keep so many of its masterpieces and unique artifacts. Currently, the Egyptian Museum features over 120,000 items, and they’re not even all on display; the storerooms of this legendary building hold so much history between its walls.

Source: Egypt Independent