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The word 'pyramid' has always been associated with Egypt; play the word association game and the three Great Pyramids of Giza instantly jump to mind. But while there are other pyramids around the world, even Egypt itself's got more pyramids than that. Egypt’s oldest pyramid is the Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara – or, as it’s commonly known, the step pyramid – and the good news is that it’s finally set to open to the public. The first announcement reported that the restoration work will be done during the first quarter of 2020. True to their word, the work was completed by the end of February, and the pyramid is officially set to open Thursday, March 5th!

The restoration work on the 4,7000-year-old step pyramid was officially done last year and the Minister is currently doing final inspections to deem Egypt's oldest pyramid ready to receive visitors. The whole area is currently being restored, including all the paths leading to the ancient pyramid. Being one of the greatest historical treasures of Egypt, this project is one of the most important projects that the Ministry has worked on, and it’s definitely not their first time working on this. The restoration work on the Pyramid of Djoser had previously started in 2006 only to be halted in 2011 and then started back again in 2013 -- and now it's 7 years later and it’s taken its sweet time to be ready. The work includes restoring the pyramid’s external façade, fixing rickety stones, restoring the steps at the southern and eastern entrance, and the preparation of the pyramid’s internal corners. There’s also a new lighting system that’s being installed around the pyramid to prepare for the opening.

Source: Egypt Independent