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Every year, Egypt gets its fair share of big-name visitors. Last year we saw everyone from Alicia Keys to HONY's Brandon Stanton, and even the FLOTUS and her perpetually controversial hat. Some are here for business, some for birthday getaways or festivals, and others that were supposed to be here for business but manage to find time to run off and visit the Great Pyramids. This year, the list includes singers, models, actors and actresses – including two Game of Thrones (GOT) stars.


We’ve all thought of where to go for a birthday trip, that includes Katy Perry. So, for her 35th birthday, she went on a trip to Egypt with loved ones. Yes, you guessed correctly, he was there, the Orlando Bloom. She documented their trip on Instagram, posting photos of herself in the serine Siwa wearing a galabya in a car driven by a Siwian man, then off to the Great Pyramids of Giza. She was deeply touched during that visit her, sharing with her followers that the “Ancient Egyptians believed that when you pass on your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather to be qualified for the trip to the afterlife. My mother has called me feather since I was a little girl and I hope after all is said and done my heart is as light as one. This is 35.”


Maybe JLo’s stay in Egypt lasted longer than the actual number of days she visited. Performing a concert in Alamein, the billboards all over Cairo, the social media posts, the articles continued long after. You might have seen her in your dreams, who wouldn’t wish for that? The concert was on the 9th of August, and Egyptian celebrities were among the audience. If you thought everyone would stop talking about her visit when she left, you wish. We had another series of social media posts and long debates about her outfit. She may have stayed just for the concert, but her presence continued to be a hot topic from May till the end of August. Her stop in Alamein was part of her 50th birthday It's My Party Tour.


The country was in a bit of an uproar when they discovered that Aladdin in the live-action Disney adaptation was actually Egyptian-Canadian. They got into an even bigger uproar when they heard him speak Arabic. Mena Massoud went on to be a guest at the Gouna Film Festival and was also on the Ma3kom Mona el Shazli Show with his sisters. When asked about his visit, he said: "I am happy that I came to Egypt, the mother of the world."


Even if you missed all the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) events, awards, and red carpet shenanigans, there’s one thing you couldn’t have missed: Messandie. Every loyal GOT fan shared her photos and went nuts about the fact that she was here in Egypt as a guest at CIFF. She even took home an award! Still, she made time to explore Egypt and didn't forget to capture a picture of her doing some yoga in front of the Pyramids. She even visited Gouna during her stay. It was obvious through her countless Instagram posts that she has loved every detail of Egypt, captioning one photo: "I love Egypt, I never want to leave!". After all, maybe this is her first trip without her mistress, Mother of the Dragons Daenerys Targaryen.  

Hafþór Júlíus Björnssonvia: البشاير 

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, you may recognize this one: Ser Gregor Clegane, The Mountain from GOT. After he accomplished his mission with Cersei Lannister and killed his brother, he came to Egypt to be part of a Sobki production: The Pharaoh’s Campaign. Still, The Mountain made time to visit the Pyramids with his girlfriend. Mind you, being in front of the Pyramids is probably the only place where The Mountain may feel more like a hill.

BILLY ZANE via: NileFm

Better known for being the bad guy in Titanic, – Rose's fiancé who everybody hated, except her mom of course.This November he came to Egypt and received an award at the CIFF where he said, "Thank you CIFF for this great honor! Your hospitality knows no bounds!" He also made an appearance on Ma3kom Mona el Shazli, where he took a quiz choosing Egyptian actors and actresses’ roles if there were to be an Egyptian adaptation of Titanic. Imagine, a Titanic with Hassan El Radad and Yasmine Raeis.

MIKE TYSONvia Times Kuwait

Surprisingly, the Mike Tyson was signed on to play a role in a movie that is – believe it or not – produced by El Sobki. Yes, the same one The Mountain is in. The famous boxer made use of his trip to Egypt and visited the sights of the land of the Pharaohs; together with his wife, they posed in front of the Sphinx.

RUSS DIEMONvia Russ Diemon 

This year Alamain was busy with concerts. Before JLo’s concert in August, there was Russ’ first concert in Om El Dunya – and it was also his first time here. He posted a video on Instagram to wrap up his trip, saying "My first time ever in Egypt and the love was surreal. Thank you Egypt." The American rapper is known for his hit singles What They Want and Losin Control.

ADRIANA LIMAvia Enterprise Press

The now-retired Victoria’s Secret Angle also dubbed ‘The Most Valuable Angel’ in 2017, visited Egypt twice this year. Having visited the country alone during her first visit, she was accompanied by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris the second time around. They were guided around the Pyramids by former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass himself. Aside from the visits being part of her mission for world peace, she has always wanted to visit Egypt, saying “Since I was a child I always felt a deep connection with Egypt, it's always been a dream of mine to personally visit.”


The French football player may simply be a well-known player to the girls, but he is, in fact, a FIFA Cup champion; in 2018, Marital and the French National football team took home the Cup. The forward left winger for Manchester United in the Premier League visited Egypt in May during his break after scoring 10 goals in the league. A well-earned break that the official Man United Twitter account wished him a good time in Om El-Dunya

JA RULEvia Cairo Scene

Egypt did a great job of attracting many a singer this year, with Ja Rule being the 4th singer on this list and the second rapper. In late March, he was spotted with his wife, Aisha Atkins, roaming Egypt. They didn’t settle on experiencing Cairo and The Great Pyramids of Giza, but also went to Alexandria, visiting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for what they said was "such an enlightening trip."

STEVEN SEAGAL via Enterprise Press

American star Steven Seagal attended the Gouna Film Festival in its third edition this year, but of course, couldn’t pass on visiting the world-renowned Pyramids. He and his wife posed and took pictures at the human miracle area, according to them. They promised not only to come back to attend the anticipated opening of the GEM in 2020, but also to attend Dr. Zahi Hawass’ King Tut opera.

DANI ALVES & JOANA SANZvia: Nile International

This is not Alves’s first visit to Egypt; he came as a player on the national Brazilian youth team for a World Cup that Egypt hosted years back. This time he and his supermodel wife, Joana Sanz, landed in Egypt on December 15th for a vacation. To summarize his trip, take it from his own words: "We LOVE Egypt!!" 

DEMI ROSE MAWBYvia: Cairo 24

English model Demi Rose Mawby lived out a dream of hers as she shook up social media with posts of her posing in front of the Pyramids and in the Karnak Temple. She has captioned her Instagram post, "It had been a dream of mine to have came here."