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Winter might be here for us but there’s something we can all look forward to in 2021, namely a Game of Thrones cruise experience. Don’t deny it, you must have seen it coming; if you didn't then you know nothing. Just because Game of Thrones stopped airing doesn’t mean that this cash cow was going to be brought to pasture any time soon. The cruise is set to launch in September 2021, thanks to Dalmation Travel & Events, with two itineraries lasting a total of eight days each. You can either sail to the north (Iceland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland) or to the south (Spain, Malta, and Croatia) – or, if you can’t choose, you can book both itineraries back to back and get a full-on 16-day Game of Thrones extravaganza. Just don’t celebrate your wedding there. Seriously, laws on a cruise are iffy if you commit a crime on board, which is very fitting, actually – chaos is a ladder and all that.

Some of the locations you’ll be visiting include the Tower of Joy and the Citadel in Spain; King’s Landing in Malta; the Fist of the First Men in Iceland; and the Wall, Castle Black, and Winterfell in Ireland. Not only that, but the ship itself will be decorated to resemble the Seven Kingdoms; according to the cruise’s website, dining rooms will “transform into the feasting halls of Winterfell. The Solarium becomes the Water Gardens of Dorne. The walk to your stateroom is through the Great Pyramid of Mereen.” Plus, no cruise will be complete without events onboard, like storytelling, a cosplay parade, scavenger hunt, podcasts, lectures, panel discussions, and maybe even special guests.

Cruise packages begin at $5,130 per person, with a deposit of $1,000 due when you reserve. Visit the website, Cruise of Thrones, for a chance to win this cruise free for two. But when you go, tell them, we want them to know it was us (who sent you).

Source: Matador Network