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2020 is the year to be in Egypt, and it's not just us saying that – it’s the New York Times, the IndependentLonely Planet, and countless other travel experts who've deemed 2020 the year of Egypt. One of the main reasons that such huge names have their eyes on Egypt is because of the Grand Egyptian Museum that’s promised to open this year. It’s been in planning and under construction for over two decades now, but 2020 is the year it opens its doors -- or so we’re promised. CNN has listed the Grand Egyptian Museum as one of the most anticipated buildings that are set to shape the world, and we finally got a glimpse of the grand complex of it.

In partnership with Discovery Channel, promotional campaigns have started going viral on social media to promote Egypt as a destination with the focus on the biggest event to come this year: the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum. International Cooperation Minister – and former Minister of Tourism – Rania Al-Mashaat has taken to her social media accounts to share the first promotional video that only aired yesterday on the Discovery Channel.

The video only gives a glimpse inside the grand complex, teasing the panoramic view of the Pyramids from the museum and calling it a gift to civilization. Set to open later this year with a record-breaking ceremony, we’ve got the pricing for tickets and so many teasers of what the inside of this grand complex holds, and we couldn’t be more ready.

There's a complete plan to renew the world's interest in Egypt, and beside all the teasers, they also announced creating a two kilometer promenade that connects the GEM with the Pyramids for a full day of sightseeing.

Source: Egypt Today