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The long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum has been the talk of the country – and travel markets around the globe – for the last year, promising to be one of the world's most important and announcing that King Tut’s tomb and belongings will be on display through hologram technology by the end of next year. Egypt's got its fair share of museums, but The Grand Egyptian Museum is planned to be a whole cultural complex filled with amenities from theaters, restaurants, and cinemas to a whole entertainment system. This grand project is set to attract visitors for a whole day trip in one place, instead of being just another museum on the list. A day in the GEM will be a trip through Egyptian civilization, offering educational seminars on ancient Egypt.

An official statement was finally released announcing the ticket prices for visitors to the Grand Egyptian Museum. Entrance tickets for nationals will cost 30 EGP, and the inclusive ticket for the entire complex will be 60 EGP – not too bad for a project this big, with around 100,00 artifacts from various periods of Egypt’s long, rich history.

The awaited opening of the GEM will be the largest celebration that’s ever been organized by Egypt. Construction is 88 percent complete, and the opening is set for 2020.

Source: Egypt Independent