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There aren’t many places in the world where you can visit a whole country inside a city -- yes, you read that right. The Vatican is the world’s smallest sovereign state, and it’s located in the heart of Rome. One visit to Rome and you’ll be ticking two cities off your bucket list. And it’s not just special for its geographical location or for the fact that it’s the smallest state in the world – it’s the center of the Catholic Church, home to the Pope, and it’s a treasure trove of many of the world’s most important artworks. Once you get there, the ambiance will blow you away and you’ll feel like you just stepped back in time. The Vatican is visited by millions of travelers every year, and is one of the busiest areas in the bustling city of Rome.

If you’re not a fan of huge crowds and super-long queues, a new tour is now offering a privileged entrance to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel at night -- after the crowds have gone home so you can appreciate the place in peace and under the stars. The Vatican after visiting hours is even more special, and this tour will give visitors the opportunity to appreciate the extensive art collection and the sites in small groups of twelve, three hours after all the crowds have left. An expert guide will be accompanying the small groups, taking them for a tour under the starlit sky, exploring mesmerizing architecture and the fascinating artwork that has been kept there for years.

If you’re a history buff or an appreciator of art, the Vatican Museum exhibits the crème de la crème of art throughout its 54 galleries. The night tour will give you the time and the opportunity to appreciate the nocturnal architecture, while the guide is narrating the stories of the artists and the drama behind their masterpieces.

If you’re a night owl or you’d rather skip the queues and crowds for a night you’ll never forget, you can learn more about the Vatican After Hours Tour through this link.

Source: Lonely Planet