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150 years ago, Queen Victoria took the decision of closing the doors of the inner hall of Windsor Castle – her weekend retreat destination - and depriving visitors of visiting this area. But now, she’s keen on transforming the Windsor’s hall into a major tourist attraction, and the doors are now open again. The Inner Hall of the castle was built back in the 1820s as an area to receive guests. In 1866, Queen Victoria closed it off and built a new smaller entrance hall – only to regret her decisions later on, claiming the alterations were “dreadful." Only in recent years, The Royal Collection Trust decided to restore the hall into its original glorious state, chipping off layers of old paint and revealing the beauty of the art pieces.

Visitors of the British castle now get a whole new route for their visit, they get to have a tour of the State Entrance, enjoying the amazing view of the Long Walk of the castle where the British kings and queens used to stroll and drink tea in posh china cups. The renovations also include a display, telling the history of the 1000-year-old castle – with a learning centre and a café scheduled to open next year. If you’re looking to relive what life was like for the royals back in the day, you can find tickets for Windsor Castle through this link.

Source: Lonely Planet.