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Confession time: how many times have you planned almost an entire trip around what you’re going to eat wen you’re there? Come on, admit it – sometimes it’s our stomachs that lead the tours more than anything else. And you know what? There’s a term for that: food tourism. From A() to Z(), every country has its culinary concoctions through which you can authentically experience its culture, and Egypt is no exception. Be it through observing how they make meals, learning about the country's native ingredients, attending wine festivals, taking a food tour, or just enjoying a simple dinner from a street vendor, there’s plenty to learn about a place and its people through food. Cue: Bellies en-Route, taking travellers on food tours of Downtown Cairo, and looking for just the right Cairo-based foodie to join in on the fun.

If knowing the history of koshary is one of those skills you wish you could add to your resume, this is probably your golden opportunity. Bellies en-Route is looking to hire a full-time bilingual food tour guide whose job will be to take travellers across Downtown Cairo – and perhaps beyond, giving them a guided tour of Egypt’s food history with a bit of architecture to boot. This means you’ll be meeting a ton of travellers from across the globe, so it’s best if you’re super social, accepting of diversity, and bilingual – also bonus points if you’ve spent the bulk of your life in Cairo.

So, yes, you will be getting paid to wander the streets, eat, and make new friends from across the globe.

Ready to apply? Send a CV and a statement of purpose video (in English and no longer than 1 minute) showing off why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Your CV and Google drive/Dropbox/YouTube link are to be sent to with the subject "Food Tour Guide Application – Name."

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Source: Bellies-En Route