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Rich people have problems too, you know? One of those might be not finding luxury spots for their vacations around the world, and to address this pressing matter, Airbnb has heard those cries of agony and launched their newest service, aptly named Luxe. Ever dreamt of spending the summer in a French palace by the vineyards, or in a South African beach house? Well, if you've got the money to back your dreams, Airbb's making it happen.

via Airbnb Luxe

Luxe features over 2,000 luxury high-end homes over the world, and they're not just any fancy cottage with palms trees around it and a miniature pool on premises. The company sends inspectors to make sure that 300 criteria are met! These include having a unique design, high-end furniture, and chef-grade appliances. Prices for accommodation range between $1,000 and $150,000, a night! The service also offers a "trip designer," an around-the-clock concierge to help guests make the most of their trips.

The options offered by the new Airbnb service have stunning listings that just go beyond the absurd at times, case in point being an entire private island in French Polynesia with space for 52 guests in a master villa and 15 extra bungalows -- this booking also comes with a staff of chefs, massage therapist, activity coordinators, and more. Then you have a Jamaican oceanfront villa as a listing, which also comes with a butler and the fact that Ian Fleming wrote James Bond novels there. Not all listings are in the middle of nowhere though; they also have some in urban areas like a cottage near Kensington Palace in London and a French country-style mansion in Los Angeles.

via Airbnb Luxe

With the advent of this service, Airbnb is competing against other names like Marriott who entered the luxury home rental business a couple of months ago, with listings like a six-bedroom villa in Sorrento, Italy, with an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and an 18th century Irish castle with a private lake.

via Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb's Luxe plans on adding 12 more locations over the world, in cities like Paris, Milan, and Austin. With this brilliant solution to probably the quintessential first world problem, Airbnb is sure to attract many more luxury travelers who have a bit more than an extra dime to spend.

Source: Fortune