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In an effort to create more recreational space, the Danish capital city has launched a new urban planning initiative. Introducing a completely new type of public parks in Copenhagen: “parkipelago”. Copenhagen's new plan focuses on the place and function of public spaces right in the city center by establishing a network of floating parks. The project, entitled “Copenhagen Islands,” is designed by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish design studio Studio Fokstrot and will exist in the city’s harbor.

The parks will be open to the public and free for anyone to use for any purpose, whether kayakers, boaters, stargazers, swimmers, or anyone just looking for a spot to chill. The Danish capital already ranks on the top of lists of the world's happiest and healthiest cities and for good reasons. From a high standard of living to a great work-life balance, Copenhagen is planning to keep its spot on the top of those lists. It’s also fair to assume that sustainable urban planning and design play a significant role too.

Those living in the Danish capital are spoiled with a network of cycle routes and urban waterways clean enough to bathe in, but parkipelago is the new addition to the list. The new islands are essentially a network of small floating parks made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials that will be launched in the city's harbors.

Source: Copenhagen Islands.