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It's 2019 and we're practically living face-to-screen – see, you're looking at one right now! But despite our FOMO, lack of work/life balance, and deep-seeded love for notifications, what would it take for us to let go of our screens for a few days while on vacation? Do vacations even exist away from screens anymore? 

Swedish insurance brand Länsförsäkringar got creative with the introduction of its new lamp – the Skärmfri (it means screen-free), which glows red when you've had too much screen time. Teaming up with Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden, they've created the The Check-Out suite, where in order to check in, you've got to check out. Equipped with the lamps that go from zero to red after 30 minutes of screen time per person (as based on a family of four), they calculate your room rate in direct correlation with your screen time. Zero screen time means your stay is absolutely free; if the lamp turns red, you're paying the full 2,400 Swedish Kroner.

Vacations are meant to be breaks, and the biggest thing we need a break from right now are our screens. All of us. 

We're coming for you, Sweden!

Source: AdAge