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Located inside Marsa Alam's Wadi El Gemal, Kolaan Village is set to become the first sustainable village in Egypt. The entire project, overseen by the Red Sea Protectorate Authority for a budget of over $100 million, will see Kolaan Village be powered by solar energy – including the water purification plant they'll have running, and have 14 wooden houses specifically designed to be environment-friendly.
via Youm7

Much like the rest of Marsa Alam, Kolaan Village is renowned for its natural beauty and mangrove trees, which are as beautiful as they are beneficial for both people and the environment. This quiet village is concerned with caring for the natural beauty with which it's been entrusted; at its entrance you'll even find a sign: 'take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but memories, and kill nothing but time'. As it should be.

Source: Youm7