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Did you know that several reports are predicting that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050, if we humans don't change our ways? Plastic is lethal to marine life and has gravely affected its continuity over the past 50 years. For those reasons, Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) has long struggled against the usage of plastic and its unreasonable consumption in the Red Sea and the surrounding areas, and it was just announced that their efforts have finally paid off when their proposal was accepted by the government.

The Red Sea Governor has issued a decree to ban plastic usage in the governorate starting June 1. The decree was issued to protect the species that suffer upon consuming plastic, which in turn is also a risk to human health as we consume some of that marine life. The ban on using single-use plastic bags will apply to Red Sea restaurants, coffee shops, markets, butchers, groceries, pharmacies, fruit vendors, and so on. It will also apply to plastic cutleries -- plates, forks, spoons, and so on -- being used in restaurants and all F&B outlets in general, as well as safari and boat rides. The ban will not apply to heavy duty plastic garbage bags. Plants will also not be allowed to produce plastic bags within the city.

On its end, HEPCA is committed to on-the-ground work by conducting workshops, cleanups, events, and social awareness campaigns about the damage of plastic, and how we can avoid that. They plan on targeting hotels and resorts in the area, and they've recently awarded Grand Siva hotel in Hurghada a certification for being the first hotel to apply this strategy for 2018.

Source: Akhbar Elyoum