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Everyone involved in the travel sector is certainly getting creative to adapt to the current situation. Since traveling was brought into a standstill worldwide, people are trying to adapt and find alternative ways to experience the joys of the world while staying at home. Thankfully, technology has come through, aiding in the creative ideas for virtual traveling. Nowadays, you can take a virtual tour of basically everything: museums, national parks, cherry blossoms blooming, ancient palaces, and even some tombs -- all you need is a device and internet connection. No visas required.

Airbnb has come up with a way to engage their whole community and bring them together as a community in spite of the distance. Since hosts love sharing their interests, they’ve found a way to continue hosting even while staying at home. From recipes to yoga sessions and even some choreographed dances, Airbnb’s Online Experiences allows you to connect with people from across the world and to learn new skills from locals. The new platform was also designed as a way to ensure hosts still retain some income in this difficult time.

So far, there are over 50 experiences led by hosts from over 30 countries around the world. Experiences are live-streamed via Zoom, and they include meditation with a Japanese Buddhist monk, pasta-making with Italian nonnas in Rome, K-BEAUTY 101 with a TV Host in Seoul, a coffee masterclass with a national judge in Mexico or cooking Mexican salsa, Irish dance masterclasses, a virtual bike tour in Yorkshire with a gold medalist triathlete, a Chernobyl tour, a rollerskating dance party in NYC, cooking with a Moroccan family, an interior design workshop in San Francisco, and more. While prices range from $1 to $40, they’ve also made it cheaper than in real life. For example, Swedish bun making costs $26 virtually and $78 in real life.

All the experiences are being offered through this link

Source: Insider