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Most people tend to experience a place by seeing it; some experience it through touch, through taste, through smells – but have you ever paused to listen and experience a place through sound?

From teacups being stirred alongside the crackle of a sheesha to the sound of footsteps on the sand and church bells and evening calls to prayer, Ahmed Elsadre managed to capture the essence of Egypt through sound in just a matter of 43 seconds.

So where did this idea come from? According to Alsadre, he saw a similar video of someone else camping in the desert, so he decided to set out to famous places in Cairo – like the pyramids, Al Moez Street, The Hanging Church, and a felucca in the Nile – to capture the essence of Egypt through sound.

Within one week, he was able to finish the video of Cairo, and he added footage from his last trip to Dahab. Elsadre is quite the photography and travel enthusiast, so there'll definitely be more videos where that came from.

Sound on. Enjoy!