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Hot air balloon rides in Luxor are as much of a staple travel experience as felucca rides in Aswan street food in Cairo, but, unfortunately, they'd been suspended since this past July after a hot air balloon drifted out of its designated course and into the west end of the city. The incident ended safely after the pilot was able to regain control land safely in the desert with no casualties and no injuries reported, but that was enough to result in an 80-day suspension of hot air balloons in Luxor.

Thankfully, it's over.


The Civil Aviation Authority allowed the return of hot air balloon rides after ensuring the operators had taken the necessary safety measures to achieve a high level of security for riders and a tighter tracking system. The first hot air balloon since the suspension went up on Tuesday over western Luxor, carrying 19 tourists of different nationalities. Prior to that, there had been a trial trip flying on August 31st, excluding the participation of any foreigners, to assess the readiness of the new systems. 

Hot air balloons are one of the most enchanting things about Luxor, watching the city from above with all its monuments, antiquities, and stunning views -- especially around sunrise!

Source: Egypt Independent.