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No one really likes to spend time at the airport. Those long waiting queues and unholy chairs make it a less-than-pleasant experience. But what if you could get from the customs office to the gate in a matter of seconds? If you're any kind of social media savvy, you've seen the viral video of a guy sliding down from an airport terminal. That fun incident happened at Singapore's Changi Airport, which has been dazzling visitors with its ingenious design for years. Changi Airport installed a slide to transfer passengers from the terminal to the boarding gate, and people are loving it! The viral video took place in terminal 4 of the airport, but it's actually terminal 3 that has the world's largest airport slide; it's 12 meters long and saves people the effort of climbing four floors down. You need to order for a minimum of $10 at any restaurant or shop at the airport to be able to use the slide though.via Changi Airport

Those slides aren't even why this particular airport is so popular. Its exquisite design would take credit for that. You'll find an artificial waterfall inside that people come specifically to see. It pours down from a glass dome that is custom designed to create a shimmering light effect throughout the day.You'll also find an adult playing area with climbing activities, video games, and even a five-story garden!via Changi Airport

Forget visiting Singapore; we want to visit the airport!