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Siwa Season 2019 is finally about to kick off! As the weather cools down, the masses are getting ready to make their way to Egypt's Sunset Oasis to experience what's easily some of the best sunsets of their lives – no exaggeration. And have breakfast at Abdu, of course. To start the season right, Siwa is celebrating Eid El-Solh on October 14th to the 16th of this year. No idea what that is?

For years, the eastern and western dwellers of the oasis were at war – that is, until a Sufi Sheikh named Muhammad Al-Madani decided to end the dispute in the simplest of ways possible. He gathered all the elders of the fighting tribes and told each to bring bread and break it; then he mixed all the bread together and told them to eat. By doing so, each had eaten from his neighbor’s bread, and he told them they can fight no more after doing so. Like that, they reconciled and spent the night praising and praying to God. Since then, on the lunar nights of every October, the people of Siwa gather at Dakrour Mountain to celebrate peace, harvest, and tourism for three consecutive days.

While Siwans very quickly go from strangers to friends to family, being in Siwa during Eid El-Solh is a very different level of getting plugged into the Siwan community and experiencing their culture and the beauty that is the Oasis. There's plenty to do beyond the festivities, too, from the salt lakes and desert safaris to swimming in the hot springs at night and watching the sun set at Fatnas or Taghaghein Island.

Oh, and while you're there, you should probably have dinner with Nabila.

Siwa leaves the heart, soul, belly, and camera roll brimming – that is, if you do it right. We've pulled together all the nitty gritty details it takes to plan the perfect trip through our Ultimate Guide to Siwa. If you do it right, your Siwa trip may feel something like this...