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Once you reconcile with the mosquitos and allow them to abuse you, you'll be quick to fall in love with Siwa and its people. Beyond the serenity and natural beauty, the people of Siwa are of the most kindhearted and hospitable hosts in Egypt. The oasis is so safe that they literally leave their doors wide open, and everyone’s welcome to join anyone for a drink or a meal. 

Since the locals in Siwa are quick to jump from strangers to friends to family, it’s a good idea to know some of the basics of their language. Siwans speak Arabic fluently, but they only do so with strangers; among each other, they speak Siwi – a phonetic language inherited from their forefathers. 

Fun fact: the Siwan language doesn’t actually have any curse words for you to learn (sorry!); when they want to curse, they resort to Arabic.

Want to impress? Here's what you should know. 


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