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Catching a city's sights and monuments is fun, but have you tried doing it on a double-decker bus? Starting May 4th, The City Sightseeing Tour Buses are coming to Lebanon! The open-top double-decker experience – not unlike the one you've seen in Rush Hour 1, or Friends, or that one episode in Newsroom, or in most big cities across the globe – will be headed to 16 stops across Lebanon's most famous attractions, so you get to experience the country's rich landscapes and diverse history with the wind blowing through your hair and that camera angle you could never get while on the ground like regular people.

How it works is pretty simple: you buy tickets at any of City Sightseeing's booths across Lebanon (ABC malls, Beirut Souks, etc) and hop on the bus at any of its designated stops. Ride around town and hop off at any site you want to spend a bit more time at, then you can hop on the next bus using the same ticket. Buses also come equipped with multilingual audio commentary so you know what's going on instead of just looking at the pretty sights. 

Source: The 961