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Jordan has been inhabited for literally hundreds of thousands of years; kingdoms, dynasties, and empires have risen and fallen within its borders. The country’s history and background are so rich, you won’t be able but to feel overwhelmed. Yet, Jordan isn’t just about history and archaeology; for all the abundance of those, Jordan is filled with natural, quaint beauty. From the Dead Sea to the many natural reserves in Jordan, you’ll witness some of the most gorgeous places in the region. Not only that, Jordan is also visa-free for Egyptians! 


6 Bassem Al Kateb Street, Al Dokki, Giza

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Working Hours
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


There are no visa requirements for Egyptians; you basically arrive at the airport in Jordan and get your passport stamped. It is advisable, however, to bring along hotel reservations, because they sometimes ask about your accommodation at the airport.


Can I travel to Jordan by boat?
No, you can't. Entrance for Egyptians visiting Jordan as tourists is only via airports; you’re not allowed via the ferry from Sinai to Aqaba unless you’re an Egyptian working in Jordan (with a valid residency) or a foreigner - double nationality holders can enter via ports, too. On the flip side, you can go back from Aqaba to Taba via ferry.

Do I need a security clearance from the Tahrir Compound (tasree7 amny) to visit Jordan?
Jordan requires a security clearance from Tahrir compound, most probably, if your passport does not have a profession in it. Otherwise, chances are you won’t need one, yet it’s always best to ask at the compound beforehand to make sure.

Do I need a travel permit for this visa?
If you are permanently exempt from the army, you don’t need a travel permit but need to ensure proof of exemption on your passport.

If you’re still within the legal age of conscription – even if you’ve completed your military service and are still part of the reserve forces – you’ll need to get a travel permit from the army. However, since Jordan is one of the countries that may require a security clearance from Tahrir Compound, getting a travel permit from the army could take up to 21 days. There are other cases if you’re within the legal age of conscription where you will need a travel permit.