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If the gorgeous, kaleidoscopic colours of Chefchaouen aren’t enough reason to book the next flight to Morocco, we don’t know what is. Morocco is also home to the wonderful Casablanca with its majestic streets, Rabat, and many other wonderful destinations. At Morocco, you’ll find endless supplies of beauty and kindness and generosity from some of the nicest people in the region. But how do you get there with your Egyptian passport?


10, Salah Eddine Street, Zamalek, Cairo

00(20)2  27 35 98 49/27 35 96 77/ 27 35 33 51

00 (20) 2 27 36 19 37


However, applications are not submitted at the embassy. They’re submitted at the Consular Services Office at El-Agouza

18 Nawal Street, El-Agouza

Hours of Operation
Applications are to be submitted on Sunday – Wednesday from 9 AM to 12 PM.

*Note that the Consular Services Office constantly changes times without prior notice. So, it would be advisable to check their times prior to your desired dates.


  • Application for entry visa to Morocco, carefully filled in capital Latin characters. This form can be filled in Arabic but with the obligation to label the name, parentage, and place of birth in Latin characters for reasons of technical convenience (this application is taken from the consular office).
  • Two recent personal photos, with a white background (4 x 3 cm) and clearly showing facial features
  • Personal ID card
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months, and a copy
  • Preliminary round trip ticket
  • Hotel reservation
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Medical insurance covering your stay
  • HR letter showing your income, date of employment, and current position
  • If you have your own business, you’ll need to present tax card and commercial registration papers
  • Proof of enrolment for students

*Best bring copies of everything


Single-entry visa: 410 EGP

Multiple-entry visa: 605

The visa will be one of two cases:

  1. Visa of short validity:

The visa of short validity allows a foreigner to enter the territory of Morocco for reasons other than immigration, for a short uninterrupted stay or several short stays in the case of multiple entries. The duration of each stay is between one and ninety days.

  1. Visa of long validity :

The visa of long validity, greater than three months, is a multiple entry visa issued by the Moroccan diplomatic or consular representations, after prior consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The validity of this visa cannot exceed one year and the duration of each stay is between one and ninety days.


If you are permanently exempt from the army, you don’t need a travel permit but need to ensure proof of exemption on your passport.

If you’re still within the legal age of conscription – even if you’ve completed your military service and are still part of the reserve forces – you’ll need to get a travel permit from the army.

There are other cases if you’re within the legal age of conscription where you will need a travel permit.


How long does it normally take for this visa to be issued?
It usually takes up to 3 weeks. We do, however, advise going a month in advance, as it might take longer.

Do I need a security clearance from the Tahrir Compound (tasree7 amny)?
No, you don't need a security clearance.

Do I need a family registration document (qeid 3a2eli)?
No, you don't need a family registration document.

Do I need a certificate of movement (shehadet ta7arokat)?
No, you don't need one.

Do I need a bank statement for this visa?
Yes, for the last 3 months.

What do I do if I’m a freelancer?
The main issue with not providing an HR letter is the fear that you might leave the country and never come back, so you need to somehow guarantee that you have sufficient reason to come back to Egypt. There are a couple of ways you can do that:

  • You have proof that you’re working as a freelancer, meaning you can provide a bank statement showing regular monthly payments. That, or you can provide the contract/agreement between your freelance employer and yourself as proof (if applicable).
  • You can provide a bank statement showing a significant amount of money –– meaning you have something to come back to, or likewise provide documents showing you have assets (lands, real estates, etc.) or anything that might help prove your intention of coming back.
  • In some cases, you can apply as someone unemployed (with no proof of employment in your passport). Don't get your hopes up with this option, but it's a last-ditch effort that works with some embassies and not others.

Do I need a need a transit visa?
If you’re not leaving the airport, you won’t. If however you plan on leaving it during your layover, you will a transit visa. The transit visa allows a foreigner who is traveling to a third country to cross the territory of Morocco. This visa may be issued for one or two transits without the dwell time of each transit exceeding 72 hours.

What does the visa process look like for children?

  • Children aged 16 years old or younger do not need a separate passport provided they are travelling with one of their parents or both of them and are registered in their parent(s)' passport. A birth certificate of the child is required as long as the passport does not contain a photo of the child.
  • It is necessary for children who have attained legal age or are travelling not in the company of their parent(s) to have their personal, separate passport.

Are there any restrictions to this visa?
No, there aren’t.

What happens if I break my visa?
Completely unadvisable; you might pay a large fine or worse, be subject to legal consequences.

Do I need certain vaccinations before going to Morocco?

There are no mandatory vaccinations before traveling to Morocco. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends taking these vaccinations as a precaution if you want to be extra safe. Either way, it's best to follow general hygiene rules – washing your hands before you eat, eating fresh food, drinking bottled water, and so on

How do I travel to Morocco with a pet?

  • To be allowed to board, your pet should have its all vaccinations up to date.
  • Any dog or cat travelling w must be identified with a microchip.
  • It must also have a passport supplied and filled in by an accredited veterinarian.
  • This passport means your pet can be identified and proves that it has been vaccinated.
  • For all trips, remember to find out about current regulations in the departure and arrival countries (vaccinations, quarantine etc.).

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