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There are a million and one ways to get your visa to the Emirates – just about everybody takes a sum of cash and gets the job done for you. You can apply through all sorts of travel agencies; through Fly Emirates, Etihad Airways, or other airlines if you book and fly with them; or through other shady means across the Internet that should never be trusted. The choice is yours, really, but the latter is likely why the UAE Ministry of Interior has a visa validation service on their website.

You won't need the embassy for much, but in case you do...


Baabda - Yarzeh - Michel Chiha Street 13 - Bldg. 51

Working Hours
Monday to Friday 
8 AM to 4 PM

Contact Numbers
Tel: 01981111 | 05928000
Fax: 05928009

Email Addresses |


  • Biometric passport valid for six months
  • Application form (which is available through whichever entity you're applying with)
  • One recent 4 cm x 6 cm color photo with a white background
  • Colored photocopy of the pages of the passport containing personal details, as well as date of issue and expiry
  • HR letter stating salary, job description, and years of employment with the company
  • Minimum gross income of 12 million LBP
  • Photocopy of major credit card, including credit card number and expiry date
  • Round-trip ticket
  • Any relevant supporting documents, such as passport pages with evidence of travel or proof of investments of $8,000 or more, or local income tax papers that show you have an annual income of $8,000 or more. This can be in the form of payslips, bank statements, or any local investment.



Single Entry
30 days (from arrival date): $69

Multiple Entry
30 days (from first entry): $151

Long-term Single Entry 
90 days (from arrival date): $165

Long-term Multiple Entry 
90 days (from first entry): $425

All visas are valid for entry for 60 days from the date of issue and cannot be issued for minors (under 18 years of age), students, or anyone over the age of 60 who's without an escort. Note that the travel agency or airline processing your visa will take an additional fee.


How long does it normally take for this visa to be issued?
Getting your visa for the UAE takes anywhere up to one week, while some have experienced a processing time of up to 14 days depending on the agency being used to apply for the visa. The UAE Ministry of Interior allows you to track your visa application process on their website.

Do I need a bank statement for this visa? 
No, a bank statement isn't necessary for a visa to the UAE.

Do I need a transit visa to enter the UAE? 
If your layover is over 8 hours long, you can apply for a transit visa that's valid for 14 days from your day of arrival and allows you to stay up to 4 days in the UAE. The transit visa costs $44 (excluding service fees) and needs to be issued ahead of your travel dates. However, as of June 2018, transit passengers are exempt from all entry fees for the first 48 hours, and transit visas can be extended for up to 96 hours for a fee of 50 AED. As per all other visas for the UAE, it can take anywhere up to one week to process your transit visa. 

Can I enter/exit the country from any UAE airport?
You can only enter/exit from the airport through which you're applying. If you're applying through Fly Emirates, you can only enter/exit through Dubai; if you're applying through Etihad Airways, you can only enter/exit through Abu Dhabi. If you're applying through a third-party travel agency, make sure you're aware of exactly which visa you're applying for. Once you've arrived, you're free to travel within the UAE so long as your departure is from the same airport. 

What does the visa process look like for children?
Visa fees and process apply to adults and infants alike. If you're traveling with your child, be sure to carry their birth certificate or necessary documents that prove your relativity. Should the child be traveling with a divorced parent, they'll need written permission from the other parent in order to travel. In the case of children traveling without any escort, they'll need to have written permission from their parents.

From July 15th to September 15th of each year, children under the age of 18 (accompanied by parents or guardians) will be exempt from visa fees.

What happens if I break my visa?
If you break your visa, you'll be fined 200 AED for your first day of overstay, followed by 100 AED for each consecutive day, to be paid in addition to 100 AED as a service fee at the immigration office or at the airport when exiting the country. 

If I get rejected, when can I apply again?
If you're applying through an airline and your visa gets rejected, you can't reapply through the same airline. 

How do I travel to the UAE with a pet?
In order to travel to the UAE with your pet dog or cat, make sure they have the following documentation:

  • Pet passport
  • Certification from a licensed veterinarian
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccinations
  • Rabies titer test
  • Import permit
  • Internal and external parasite vaccination

Avoid layovers in India if traveling to the UAE with a pet as they have regulations against allowing non-residents to enter the country with a pet.

If you have any additional information on the visa process for the UAE, let us know. We’re always updating our guides to make sure the information is as detailed and up-to-date as possible.

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