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In what is sure to please travel lovers all over the country, Al Alamein Hotel denied the rumors that were circling the internet over the past few days. A screenshot showing a 6-night price of one million EGP for a Presidential Villa went viral across Egyptian social media, with most comments mocking the hilariously large sum.

The PR manager of the hotel denied these allegations though, confirming that prices are actually 12,000 EGP per night for a garden room during the Eid season, 14,000 EGP for a studio, and 42,000 EGP for a suite – making the highest possible sum 252,000 EGP for six nights in a suite, not one million pounds. Talk about a crisis averted! She later went on to add that it's rather difficult for the hotel to have prices reaching one million pounds, even if that's during the high season of Eid.

Reading this, naturally, you're feeling relieved that you can save 750,000 EGP – because who doesn't want to casually spend a quarter of a million Egyptian pounds staying at a hotel for a week?

Let this whole incident be a lesson: don't believe everything you hear over the Internet, especially when it comes to pricing. You don't want to accuse a service provider of overcharging people, now, would you?

Source: ElAlamain