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Beirut’s been topping lists and getting upgrades recently. First, CNN listed the city as one of the top party cities in the world. Then, officials announced that soon they’ll be providing 5G services in Rafic Hariri International Airport, and now they’re delivering!

True to their word, Beirut airport has now high-speed internet for travelers to enjoy at the airport. Public WiFi and 5G fixed wireless services have launched and were celebrated in a ceremony attended by officials and public figures. The new services will provide connectivity that’s up to international standards and are open to airport passengers, enterprises, and airport staff.

According to the Minister of Public Works and Transport, the new services are offered to facilitate waiting times for passengers and their transfers within the airport. Traveling and navigating the airport could be stressful, and a long layover could get boring pretty quickly; now the good news is that you could be binge-watching your favourite series while enjoying some Lebanese food at the airport. Lebanon is not stopping there, either; the launch of the 5G service will soon be followed by other services of interest to travelers, especially to those with special needs.

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Source: The 961