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In case Cairo's city streets didn't feel full enough already, the World Travel and Tourism Council predicts that the iconic city is about to get a whole lot busier over the next decade. Population issues aside, they're talking about tourists!

The WTTC listed Cairo among its list of top cities expected receive more tourists in the next decade, with other cities like Delhi, Manila, Bangkok, and Moscow. Good news, right? Well, almost. While increased tourism is always a good idea, the WTTC warns that some of these cities may not be prepared to receive such a high influx of tourists, which would then make it a burden more so than a benefit. As such, the WTTC is stressing the importance of implementing a well-planned strategy to upgrade their infrastructures to accommodate these increases.

Using some European cities as an example for over-tourism, a CNN report explained that those cities have started to take extra measures to reduce the number of tourists, as it’s affecting the everyday lives of the city's residents, resulting in damage to the historical sites, and even downgrading the quality of experience that tourists expect.

Source: Egypt Today